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Development Plans

In civil engineering projects, RS and GIS techniques can become potential and indispensable tools. Various civil engineering application areas include regional planning and site investigation, terrain mapping and analysis, water resources engineering, town planning and urban infrastructure development, transportation network analysis, landslide analysis, etc. There are ample evidences of applying the recent advances in satellite based remote sensing and GIS technology in various fields of civil engineering. India’s space programme ensuring continuous availability of RS data and launching of future satellites carrying high spatial and spectral resolution sensors can go a long way in providing useful information required for civil engineering applications. So the CIVIL@ WCES has planned to develop application center to facilitate use of RS & GIS in civil engineering.

In order to inform and facilitate the implementation of national environmental legislations, and further to boost research for environmental management CIVIL@ WCES plans to strengthen existing facilities in environmental engineering laboratory. The laboratory possesses a good deal of modern equipment required for the purpose. Further development plans are aiming at facilities for automatic & computer faced data management of experimental studies in the field of water treatment. Facilities for use of RS & GIS for EIA studies are also earmarked for proposed development in near future.

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Ajit Gulabchand
Chairman, Administrative Council.

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