Academic Positions

  • Present 2014


    Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli ,Administration

  • 2014 2004

    Professor, TPO, HOD

    Govt. College of Engg, Pune ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 2004 2001

    Asstt. Professor

    Govt. College of Engg, Pune. ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 2001 1996

    Asstt. Prof., TPO

    Govt. College of Engg, Karad. ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 1996 1990

    Lecturer, TPO

    Govt. College of Engg, Karad. ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 1991 1990


    Govt. College of Engg, Aurangabad. ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 1990 1988

    Asstt. Prof. & I/C HOD, Rector

    V. V. Patil COE, Ahmednagar. ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 1988 1987


    D.Y. Patil College of Engg, Kolhapur ,Mechanical Engineering

  • 1987 1983

    Sr. Engineer

    Bajaj Tempo Ltd., Pune. ,R. & D. Dept

Education & Training

  • Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering) 1998

    Thermal Engineering

    Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College, Allahabad

  • M.E. (Mechanical) 1983

    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

  • B.E.(Mech) 1981

    Walchand College of Engg., Sangli

Honors, Awards and Grants

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Research Projects

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    Doctoral Research

    Brief about Doctoral Research

    Study of thermal performance of fenestration (Windows, ventilators, roof skylights, etc.) is necessary to estimate cooling load of a building accurately and to analyze the ways of reducing it. Analytical and experimental studies on the thermal performance of fenestration and prediction of related weather parameters were carried out to study the effect of Indian conditions. The investigations were carried out as follows:


    • The constants in the empirical equations recommended by ASHRAE to predict hourly solar radiations on a horizontal surface were modified for Indian locations. To improve upon these predictions for rainy months, correction factors were obtained considering the effect of rainfall. With the input parameters, the longitude and latitude of a given Indian location, the month of the year and the region of rainfall of the location, monthly-mean hourly beam, diffuse and global radiation on a horizontal surface can be now estimated with fair accuracy.


    • A procedure was developed to predict monthly-mean hourly values of relative humidity, ambient temperature and wind velocity for an Indian location. Maps were prepared to show the annual-mean values of relative humidity, ambient temperature and wind velocity of the location. From these values, monthly-mean hourly values of these weather parameters, at a given Indian location, can be estimated from the developed procedure.


    • Software was developed in ‘C’ language to predict hourly weather parameters and to study thermal performance of fenestration, mainly for single and double glazing windows with and without the application of reflective polyester films under Indian climatic conditions. Inputting the information about location, month, type, construction and orientation of the window system, hourly and monthly-mean hourly data of related weather and thermal performance parameters might be generated. The software is broadly divided into following three modules:
    1. Study of solar radiation
    2. Prediction of related weather parameters
    3. Study of thermal performance of fenestration

           They are further divided into sub modules for hourly and monthly-mean values. Desired module can be selected from the menu. For this purpose large volume of weather data of different majour cities from India was analyzed during Ph.D. work to develop equations for Indian locations. This analysis was carried out on Excel. Different Numerical methods such as Least Square Curve Fitting, Standard Deviation, Root Mean Square Error Analysis, etc. were used during the analysis.

           The effect of the window systems was studied on cooling load of a building. Computational software developed yields results, which are in good agreement with the experimental data obtained for weather parameters and U-values of window systems.


    • By fabricating a guarded hotbox experimental test set-up in accordance with ASTM standard and testing these window systems for their thermal performance experimental verification is carried out. M/s Hindustan Safety Glass Works, Allahabad and M/s Garware Polyester Films Ltd., Delhi sponsored this work. They provided samples and technical specifications of their products.

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