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Dr. D. B. Kulkarni

CSI:LM00175483, IET: 1100390280, ACM: 3292387 2014-2015


Dr. S. V. Kulkarni

4G360 Forum: LM, INTEL's developer forum: LM (Networking & Telecom), Multicore Association USA: LM, Consortium of Communication Engineering: LM, Information Technology Foundation for Research India: Member, WICO China, Wireless Innovation Forum.


Dr. S. P. Sonavane

ISTE: LM51934, CSI:LM00148577 , ACM: 5703166 2007-2011, ISACA: 813392 2013-14, IEI : LM 094982-8, IET: MCS1100390282 2015-16


Mr. A. J. Umbarkar

ISTE : LMIST50632, ACEEE : 7000196, IACSIT: 80332838, IAENG : 106494, IDES: 1018, MIR Lab: USA, ACCS : LM L210A1423424, CSI : LM I1501530, SCRS: LM 2014/04/007, IET : LM A200 / 1100390287


Mr. P. K. Kharat

ISTE: LM40737, CSI: N1285683


Mr. U. B. Chavan

CSI: LM787/1236


Mr. M. B. Naranaware

IET: 1100390292 , Institute of Engineering- M -148354

Department of Information Technology is established in year 2001-2002. It offer Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology UG degree course with affiliation from Shivaji, University Kolhapur of intake 60.In year 2006-2007, Walchand College of engineering, Sangli, becomes autonomous institute and offer Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Information Technology degree course.

Dr. S. P. Sonavane
H.O.D., Information Technology.

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