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The theme of our technical symposium was Reduce-ReuseRecycle. This theme was chosen considering the need of today's era. This era is said as era of 'knowledge', 'Culture' and 'Environment' .We taken one of these essential theme 'Environment' and presented our symposium with theme 'Reduce-Reuse-Recycle'. This theme was introduced not only in technical events but also non-technical events. Also considering society's help, we tried at our level to pay back to society by giving donation to people facing drought and also organized a social donation campaign for orphan children.


To create an environment where students can nurture and enhance their research and developmental skills and come out with innovative products and ideas which ultimately lead to the growth of country.

Department of Information Technology is established in year 2001-2002. It offer Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology UG degree course with affiliation from Shivaji, University Kolhapur of intake 60.In year 2006-2007, Walchand College of engineering, Sangli, becomes autonomous institute and offer Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Information Technology degree course.

Dr. S. P. Sonavane
H.O.D., Information Technology.

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