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Walchand Linux User Group (WLUG) is a group formed by students of IT and CSE to use and promote Linux future and interesting stuff. This group conducts weekly club services on Linux and programming in Linux. This group also conducts state level workshop on Linux to enhance their knowledge about Linux.
Resources: One staff Advisor, committee members functioning and execution as per the directives and advice of HOD.

Department of Information Technology is established in year 2001-2002. It offer Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology UG degree course with affiliation from Shivaji, University Kolhapur of intake 60.In year 2006-2007, Walchand College of engineering, Sangli, becomes autonomous institute and offer Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Information Technology degree course.

Dr. S. P. Sonavane
H.O.D., Information Technology.

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