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Data Center

IT department have High Performance Computing facility and Data Center. Data center is equipped with high-end machine which supports cluster and cloud setup.

Data center is established on the ground floor of main building with following infrastructure:

  • 20 KVA UPS 3 phase

  • Air conditioning/ Cooling System

  • Smoke or Heat Multi Criteria Detector

  • FM 200 – Fire Extinguishing agent

  • Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

  • False ceiling, raised flooring, POP finishing and Painting, Glass partitioning, Electricity distribution board, Cable trays

  • Data center can house 6 full size racks with rack servers with optical fiber connectivity. It provides server housing for HPC infrastructure with GPGPU set up and will cater to future set up of “Walchand Private Cloud”.

    Department of Information Technology is established in year 2001-2002. It offer Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology UG degree course with affiliation from Shivaji, University Kolhapur of intake 60.In year 2006-2007, Walchand College of engineering, Sangli, becomes autonomous institute and offer Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Information Technology degree course.

    Dr. S. P. Sonavane
    H.O.D., Information Technology.

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