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Advance Manufacturing Lab

Major Equipment’s:

1. Integrated Multi-function CNC Machine for Micro Turning, Micro Milling, Micro Drilling, micro- EDM, Wire EDM.

  • Max travel: X=135mm,Y=65mm, Z=65mm
  • Work Table: X=260mm,Y=110mm, Z=100mm 
  • Position Accuracy: 5µm 
  • Repeatability: 2µm

2. S50 CNC EDM Machine

  • Programmable axes ( X,Y,Z )
  • Information / Data Display on Monitor.
  • 3 Axes (actual and commanded) position display with 0.001 mm accuracy.
  • External Machine Control Unit (MCU)
  • G, M code help available.
  • Programmable Auto Flushing to enhance machining stability
  • Auto edge find & centre find operations (internal & external).
  • Serial data transfer of Technology and Programs through Serial Mode.

3. Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

  • Operation method :Standalone
  • Type and minimum number of indenters:1(Vickers Indenter);
  • Minimum number of object lenses:2;
  • Standard object lenses:40x;
  • Electric Turret function;
  • Test Force: Minimum nine level of forces;
  • Test force Accuracy:-Test force 9.807mN to 1.951 N range +,-1.5%max.
  • Test force 1.961 N to 19.61 N range+,-1%max.;
  • Test Force Duration Time: 0 to 999sec.;
  • Eye piece:10x;
  • Effective Measurement Range: 250µmx250µm (with 40 x objective lens.);
  • Indentation Measurement Resolution: 0.01 µm (with 40 x objective lens.);
  • XY Stage: Manual type Area :100mmx100mm; Stroke:+,- 12.5mm, Sample: max height of100mm, Z axis stroke:60mm;
  • Data Processing function: Measurement modes 1) Vickers hardness HV, 2) Knoop hardness HK, 3) Brinell hardness HB, 4) Direct length reading L (µm).

4. CNC Lathe Machine

  • Capacity:

          Swing over bed 350-500mm

          Max. turning length 250-400mm

          Standard turning Diameter 100-200mm

          Max. Turning diameter 200-300mm.

  • Slides:

           X-Axis travel(cross) 100-150 mm

           Z-Axis travel (longitudinal) 250-400mm

           Rapid feed rate (X and Z axis) 18-24 m/min

  • Main Spindle:

           Spindle Speed range: 50-400rpm

           Full power range 600-3000rpm

           Spindle bore 50-70mm

           Max. bar capacity 40-50mm

  • Accuracy:

          Positioning 0.015mm

          Repeatability +,- 0.005

          Power Chuck 150-200 mm dia.

          Power/ Hydraulic Turret 6-8 stations

          Tailstock: Programmable Quill

          Voltage Stabilizer 15-20 KVA

5. Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

  • Load Carrying Capacity 50 kgs max
  • Max. travel speed 20m/min
  • Min turning radius 1000mm
  • Control : Microcontroller
  • Sensor and Guidance : track cable and magnetic pick up
  • Drive : DC
  • Intermediate Station : 2

6. Induction Heating System along with cooling tower and reputed make pump

High frequency induction heating system to heat work surface (up to 2mm depth) mounted on CNC lathe machine chuck. Work piece material and size: Al/Si Cp metal matrix composites, Inconel of 20 to 30 mm dia. Temp. Range 60 to 450 ºc, heating Length 100 mm.


Lab Incharge: Prof.Dr.U.A.Dabade

Lab Assistsnt: Mr. Sanjay S. Kalel

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