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MESA-MESC (Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association-Mechanical Engineering Students’ Chapter) is one of the leading departmental associations in Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. It is a student activity where students from Mechanical Department organize themselves to develop and improve various skills including technical knowledge, aptitude, communication skills, presentation skills, general awareness etc. which is essential for an engineer when he goes to the outside to face the challenges in professional world. Its main objective is overall personality development of students of mechanical engineering. Various activities are carried out under MESA-MESC which targets all the students of Mechanical Engineering Department.

In academic year 2015-16, MESA-MESC had organized following events:-

  • Weekly Club Services
  • VERTEX 2K15
  • Alumni Meet
  • NOVELS 2k16
  • Interviews for selection of board members
  • Board handover

Weekly Club Services:-

WEEKLY CLUB SERVICES are conducted by MESA-MESC which boosts the participation of students in soft skill development activities. Group discussions, extempore, management games and a lot many activities are conducted in the club services. We conduct about 10 club services per semester. The club-services take place on every Monday excluding holidays and exams from 5.45 pm to 7.30 pm in classroom no.1. The average count for every club service is about 50-60.

Club Service Content:-

1) Personality Development Sessions

2) Verbal and Writing Skills Development Sessions

3) Technical Development Sessions

4) Aptitude Development Sessions

5) Group Building Activities


It all began in 2006, when Department of Mechanical Engineering in WCE Sangli, came up with an idea that students must develop good managerial, leadership and technical skills. It was then that the concept of VERTEX was established. Since then, the ever growing support of all our sponsors as well as authorities of our college and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the most importantly, the response and feedback of participants has today made VERTEX a well-known technical symposium all over Maharashtra. The seed sowed in 2006, continued flourishing year by year. The mega event VERTEX 2015 was organised by MESA-MESC and Department of Mechanical Engineering on 18th & 19th of October, 2015. It is due to the dynamic support of some companies that we could carry out The State Level Technical symposium, “VERTEX” successfully. The theme of VERTEX 2015 was “CLEAN CITY, GREEN CITY”. The fame of VERTEX has spread all over the Maharashtra & hence the participation of students in the event was in huge number granting the event a huge success!

Alumni Meet:-

Alumni meet was conducted on 9th of January. More than 50 alumni were present for this meet. This event was coordinated by MESA-MESC with the lead of Alumni & Industrial Relation Officers Miss Aishwarya Khairmode and Mr. Girish Netam. This event was organized for the interaction of students with our alumni. This event helped student to get acknowledged with the scenarios happening in industries.

NOVELS 2k16:-

MESA-MESC, WCE, Sangli is going to conduct NOVELS-2K16 on 8th and 9th of April 2016. NOVELS-2K16 consists of paper presentation competition and various other events and games for First year Mechanical Engineering students for their personality development. The Assistant Board of MESA-MESC i.e. Second Year Mechanical Engineering students are organizing NOVELS-2K16. This event was held especially for First year Mechanical engineering students to help them realize the importance of team work, to learn some management skills and bond with each other.

The main theme is based gathering of all sponsors and the NGOs‟ throughout the Nation. All first year mechanical students were divided into 7 NGOs‟. The problem statement are given to each group. They were expected to come out with different solutions to some prominent problems as stated in the problem statement.

AUXILIO is the paper presentation competition where the F.E.s are supposed to present the brief introduction about their NGO and solutions to the stated problems .The time for presentation for each group was 10-12 minutes and then the questions and answers session..

The piece of gratitude will be given to all the judges and the editorials will be distributed among the F.E.s. Then there will be experience sharing by all the mechanical engineering students. The 2nd day will end with the celebration of success of novels.

In 1947, WCE was founded in Sangli with just over 60 students. Today, it has more than 4,000 students taking various courses in Engineering and Technology. We create opportunities not just for young minds to learn, but also for them to experience the fulfillment that comes from sharing this learning with others. At WCE, we are always focused on delivering education that will help create the leaders of tomorrow’s world – our students will not just be successful in their individual capacities, but will in turn, contribute to and nurture the world they live in.

Ajit Gulabchand
Chairman, Administrative Council.

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