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Heat Transfer Lab

In heat engine and heat transfer lab students conduct experiments and research in internal combustion engines and power plant engineering. It lab provides several cutaway setups of different types of engines which facilitate the study of engine basics. Students can dismantle the engines as well as the components to get a comprehensive knowledge about different systems and subsystems of the engine.

Vairous experiments for determination of thermal conductivity by Steady-State method, Radiation heat transfer, Thermal contact-conductance, Heat transfer from extended surface, Boiling heat transfer, Heat transfer by Forced convection etc. are some major fields where students perform their experiments & research.

The lab also houses experimental setups of a fully functional gas turbine and a cut-section model of a real Jet engine and a vapor compression refrigeration unit which help students to study the basics of power plant engineering. It also serves the needs of the industries through consultancy services.

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Ajit Gulabchand
Chairman, Administrative Council.

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