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Central Intranet & WiFi

Central Computing Facility Wing is providing internet and intranet facility to the entire college from a centrally located Server Room and Data Centre. It is equipped with 24 X 7 fiber connected link running high end redundant networking servers and routers to overcome any failure.

The main features and components of server room and data center are:

  • OFC dedicated leased line of 200 Mbps(1:1) from Railtel India Ltd with uptime of 99.99 %. In addition 80 Mbps (1:1) from Reliance &NMEICT links of 5 MBPS x 4 are also made available.
  • HP Router 580 Series for WAN routing.
  • HP 380 Layer 2 Network switches for centrally management of entire network from one central location.
  • The Rack Mount Servers include 4U HP Proliant DL 580G3 -3 nos& 2U 380G3 -3 nos.
  • Cyberoam500 i Firewall and Semantec Security Anti Virus Central Console have been installed to overcome various internet and intranet threats.
  • Moodle Server for E-Learning and SIS Server for Student Information’s have been installed.
  • An advanced Dell Quad Core Dual Processors Server with 8 GB RAM for providing MIS services to all office staff & students.
  • Air-Conditioner is installed to control the temperature and humidity in the Server Room.
  • Online UPS Systems with a backup of 2 hours have been installed to cater for any power failure at the CCF.


  • Regular practical’s of FY B.Tech.
  • User& Bandwidth Management for Staff/students on Internet Server.
  • Maintenance of systems in CCF as well as other departments especially office and non-technical departments.
  • AICTE, DTE portal updation and necessary information updation.
  • Campus wide Networking maintenance.
  • Campus wide Antivirus Server Management
  • DOEACC ‘s CCC/BCC Exams
  • Online test for Training and Placement for various MNC’s, Inter department Tests.
  • Events of Club Services such as: CESA, EESA, ELESA, MESA
  • Provision of facility for Club Services
  • Workshops : IBM DB2, IIT Mumbai
  • Online Competitions - VISION, VERTEX, AAKAR etc.
  • Live telecasting and reception of specific events.
  • Central Server for Syllabus/structures, Roll-lists etc for common requirements.


  • All departments have been supported with full-fledged fibre connected LAN &WiFi access for internet and departmental Servers access.
  • All Class-rooms, Auditoriums &Lokmanya Tilak Hall have Wi-Fi Connectivity during daytime.
  • All boys and girls hostels have been provided with 24x7 Wi-Fi Connectivity through higher end CISCO Wi-Fi Access Points and CISCO Wireless Controllers for so that students can surf internet through their laptops from rooms, dormitories & club halls.

Dr. Dinesh B. Kulkarni: Mob. 9422615058
Prof. Sunil G. Tamhankar: Mob. 9822345672

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