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Shri Abhijeet Pawar (Mech 1994 batch) CEO Sakal Media Group gave a generous donation of Rs. 1.00 crore, which he announced during the Alumni Meet 2014. Sakal-WCE R&D Fund has been set up for supporting entrepreneurial R&D activities among alumni, students and faculty of WCE. Activities will commence soon and all of you are invited to participate whole-heartedly. Other alumni have also come forth to support development of WCE. Encouraged by this enthusiasm from our alumni community, the college has prepared a document outlining various ways you can help specific needs of the Institution as it moves forward towards excellence.

10 per cent funds should be kept reserved for retired faculty and staff. Also, 30 per cent should be for students handling out-of-syllabus activities, and 30 per cent should be kept aside for research work. Of course, others should also pitch in and raise more funds.

Abhijeet Pawar
CEO - Sakal Media Group

Dean-RDQA: +91-233-2330383 Ext.2115

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