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The English Department is an integral part of the Engineering curriculum and serves to improve communication competence of the students in further study courses and post campus recruitements.Towrds this department has put forth an efficient and effective curriculum of Communication Skills that  enables the students to communicate in organization and social contexts and help them to understand the principles of appropriation and contextualization of the use of body language and also techniques of drafting coherent logical and effective writings.

The faculty of English is highly skilled at motivating and inspiring language students. Using tried and tested syllabus, our faculty help students to achieve their potential during the course.

The communication skills course is introduced at the first year of engineering with the objectives as under:

  • To improve the student’s fluency and accuracy in English as much as possible during the period of instructions & interactions.
  • To develop the student’s ability to hone their existing skills by using effective communication strategies throughout the instructions & interactions.
  • To provide an orientation to reach the expectation of the college and the faculty both inside and outside of the classroom, and
  • To prepare students to become more confident and active participants in all aspects of their undergraduate programs


The Department is equipped with excellent learning facilities including a well-resourced computer aided multimedia language laboratory where the students are not only given training in conversational English with emphasis on current usage in natural situations for both academic and everyday uses of English but also in elements of English pronunciation like basic sounds, stress, intonation  and rhythm patterns, which are very important to natural-sounding speech.

In 1947, WCE was founded in Sangli with just over 60 students. Today, it has more than 4,000 students taking various courses in Engineering and Technology. We create opportunities not just for young minds to learn, but also for them to experience the fulfillment that comes from sharing this learning with others. At WCE, we are always focused on delivering education that will help create the leaders of tomorrow’s world – our students will not just be successful in their individual capacities, but will in turn, contribute to and nurture the world they live in.

Ajit Gulabchand
Chairman, Administrative Council.

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