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Gymnasium and Sports Facilities

There is a provision of indoor as well as outdoor sport facility for the students and staff. The facilities can be accessed off the college hours. There are additional outdoor sport facilities for cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, and ground tennis. The cricket ground is circumferentially designed with mud track serving as walking trail and running track.

For every discipline there is student association e.g. CESA, Civil Engineering Students association (similarly MESA, EESA etc. for other disciplines) for conduct of extracurricular activities established in the college. In addition there are clubs at college level providing a platform for conduct of technical and cultural activities. There is a tradition of celebrating various cultural events annually. It is also customary to arrange state level competition for various technical events attracting participation of more than 2000 students from various colleges. The college level forum of Arts circle helps the students to exhibit their artistic skill through the various events they conduct.


Newly renovated Gymnasium (& Fitness Center) provides recreation space for WCE students, faculty, and staff and is also used for special events hosted by the college and the community.


WCE provide students with exciting sports recreation programs focusing include activities such as cricket, badminton, soccer, basketball, lawn tennis, and table tennis. WCE sports teams are being developed continuously with an aim to win the different University & national tournaments. WCE has Sports officers and Coaches having rich experience and technically qualified in areas of Sports. The badminton hall is renovated to meet the international standards


  • Chest Machine
  • Bicep Machine
  • Chest cum Shoulder Bench Machine
  • Thighs Machine
  • Lott Pulley, Bicep, Triceps & back Machine
  • Squat Machine
  • Chest Bench ( Adjustable vertically inclined)
  • Flat Chest Bench
  • Abdominal Crunch Machine
  • Shoulder Fly over Machine
  • Forearm Machine
  • Triceps Machine
  • Calf Extension Machine
  • Running cum walker Machine ( New-3, Old-1)
  • Abdominal oblique’s Machine
  • Bench-All in One Set ( Back, Thighs, Chest, Double/Single Bar)


  • Badminton court
  • Table-Tennis Hall
  • Chess and Carom

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