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Student Clubs

Most of the co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the college are organized by various student clubs so as to help the students to develop leadership qualities, team work spirit, professional and soft skills which help them to succeed in their life. Values are inculcated in the students through the reflection of the virtues of the all concerned stake holders and the culture of the college. The values related with good citizenship and civic sense is addressed through courses on Environment Studies and Economics and industrial management and business ethics.

Each department student organization organizes competitions and weekly club services on various technical skills throughout the year.

  • CESA – Civil Engineering department students association,
  • MESA- Mechanical Engineering department students association,
  • EESA- Electrical Engineering department students association,
  • ELESA for Electronics Engineering Student Association arranges Circuit Design, Programming Skills, Circuit Simulation activities to nurture the Electronic Design and Debugging related skills in the students.
  • CSSA-Computer Science department Students association, and
  • SAIT- Students association of Information Technology.

Apart from various students organization there are other clubs with cross domain department memberships are in existence such as

  • SOFTA- Students organization for Technical Activities, and
  • PACE- Personality Advancement Circle for Engineers.

There programs are innovative, creating social awareness and responsibility towards society.

Dr. U.A.Dabade - Dean Students Affairs

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